Experiencing slowness? Have an application that isn’t running correct? Do you think you have a virus? You probably want to make sure that gets completely cleared from your system. We will diagnose what issues your experiencing. After we have determined what symptoms your device is having , we will install and scan your device to see what the software finds. After finding a Malware, Spyware or a Virus, we will make sure the symptoms have gone away. If the symptoms show again within 30 days, we will fix the issue again for free.

Stability: Has it been over a year since your computer has been refreshed? We will make sure all of your software and hardware have the latest drivers and software updates.

Time Machine Time: Need to turn back your computer to what it used to be? ¬†Let’s gather¬†all of your software DVD’s, applications (including Windows or Apple OS), documents/pictures, printers. Will perform a complete format and reinstall of your computer applications and information. Therefore, you will have the computer your started with back to the way it ran when you first got it.